Whyte & Mackay

Mission statement
To murder the pop classics by drowning them in alcoholic references

Who are these guys?

Thrust together by an accident of surnames, (Big) Jim Whyte and (Medium-sized) Tommy Mackay are solo performers in their own right on the Edinburgh acoustic scene.

After several live performances across the city to rave reviews, the pair have recorded a CD, 'Buckfast in Bed', available soon. Catch them while they're hot/sober.

"Spectacular kazoo juggling" - John Barclay, Out Of The Bedroom
"I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll and it's off its face."
- Tommy Mackay
"I nearly spilt my pint!" - A Punter
"Oopsh, shorry about that. I'm shure it'll wash off." - James Whyte
"You'll be sorry if you miss these guys. Very, very sorry. Capisce?" - Joe Margiotta, W&M Promotions
"I had to have my stomach pumped just from listening to these guys!"
- A&R man in A&E
"Ooh, I were out on the lash with Jim and Tommy again last night, I've got a right hangover!"
- Jo Whiley, Radio One
"Aah- dey make me hark back to moi brief sojourn at Easter Road in dih late seventies"- Georgie Best

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